Cheap Flight Booking Tips

Follow these simple tips to reduce your travel cost up to 50%. Flight booking has never been as easy as it is now. We do not have to pay big fare when there is an opportunity to travel by booking cheap flight ticket. Do you wonder how? Please go through the following tips to avail Cheap Airfares at AL-IBRAHIM TOUR AND TRAVELS

1. Book flight tickets in advance

Plan your journey and book your flight ticket at least a month before the commencement of your travel. The reason why we have to do so is the flight charges will be high if we book our flight ticket near to our travel date. Usually the ticket charges will be high in the first week from the current date and it will gradually decrease in the second and third week and so on. So there will be a less ticket charge up to 50% after a month. If we consider this simple tip, you will get a considerably less ticket charge while booking international flight ticket. If you apply this simple step while international flight booking, you will get big profit. Because the ticket fare is high for international flight ticket compare to short haul.

2. Compare all flight tickets fares

It is always better to go for all flight search option. So that you will get an opportunity to compare the flight ticket charges of different airlines and choose the cheapest fare. This facility will be absent when you select and search for a particular flight.

3. Choose the best flight booking site.

There have been different fares available for a particular airline in different booking sites. is the best booking site which always provide the cheapest flight ticket.

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What client Say

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Pradip gujjar

Thanks so much for your help throughout the filling of forms. However you did not advise me on my Pay slip and salary details which was why I couldn't get the visit visa. My visa refusal was based on the reason that my monthly earnings was little so I will not leave the UK after the training programme. So I expected you to have helped me on that. thanks Mr.Ahmansane

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asmita shetty

Excellent and speedy service from AL-IBRAHIM TRAVELS. I needed a business visa, which can normally be lengthy and need a lot of time, and decided to try using an agent. It was the best decision ever. They made the process very easy and straightforward. They explained the process in detail upfront and provided support and assistance all way through. They even hand-delivered my passport back to my office. Nice touch! I will certainly use their professional services again.

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It was all excellent, I didn't need to do anything regarding my application except visiting for biometric. I appreciate this hassle-free processing by Ahman sane and the team. Thanks

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